•Structural Design

Times Buildings PC has solid and extensive experience in structural design for new buildings and renovations (addition & alteration).  Our work has all construction types, including steel, concrete, masonry, and wood.  Our project size ranges from multiple family houses to high-rise buildings.  We offer structural engineering services from project planning (feasibility study) to completion.  We prepare comprehensive construction drawings and specifications for all type of structures, including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Specialty Buildings/Non-Building Structures.

•Special Inspection 

Times Buildings PC is an IAS (International Accreditation Service) Accredited Special Inspection Agency. We provide special and progress inspection services as defined by TR-1, TR-5, and TR-8 of New York City Department of Buildings.  Our Inspection team consists of experienced and certified licensed engineers and special inspectors that will ensure the quality of the construction work and meeting the design documents and Code requirement. See more.

•Construction Support

Times Buildings PC offers a wide range of services besides structural design.  This includes Demolition Design (shoring & sequence), Support of Excavation/Underpinning design, Structural Monitoring, Pre-construction Survey, Construction Site Safety Design, TA/DOT Filing, and Shop Drawings/Calculations.

•Specialty Service

Times Buildings PC handles specialty structural engineering services.  Our specialty services include Hurricane / Flood / Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit, Forensic Investigation/Claim Consultation, Due Diligence reports, Value Engineering, Peer Review, and Building Information Modeling (BIM), etc.

•Project and Construction Management Services

Times Buildings PC offers A to Z project and construction management services for clients. Together with our associates, we provide services of Permitting from DOB, DOT, DEP and other appropriate jurisdictions, Project Scheduling, Cost & Quality Control, Constructability Review, Construction Site Supervision, Project Coordination, SWO Resolving, Construction sign-offs, C/O documents, etc.